The New Agent's Guide To Success

Here Are Five Tips to Help New Real Estate Agents Find Success. 
Being a new agent can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five helpful and simple tips to kick-start your budding real estate career:
  1. Get Your License. I know—it seems obvious, but 100% of successful real estate agents have their license. You’ll absorb a lot of the basics during the process, which will create a strong foundation for everything else you’ll learn.
  2. Tell Everyone You Know That You’re In Real Estate. Your phone contacts, Facebook friends, family, and other close acquaintances should all know about your new career. A lot of people skip this step, and I don’t understand why. You might have to remind people a few times a year to stay top of mind. It seems simple, but you don’t want your aunt to choose a different agent because she forgot what you do for a living. 
  3. Put Yourself Out There. It’s hard to be a successful agent if you stay in your home all day. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. I’ve seen successful agents find clients at gyms, churches, bowling leagues, gardening clubs, and anything else you can think of. Building relationships is crucial to real estate success, and you can’t build relationships without putting yourself out there.
  4. Buy Leads. This tip might be hard to swallow for some. However, most successful agents buy leads in some capacity. Most people don’t have big enough networks to survive in their social circles alone. Some teams, like Spotlight Realty, buy leads for their agents, but no matter what you decide to do, you’ll probably need to set a little money aside for leads.
  5. Be Patient. In my first year in real estate, I barely made a living wage. However, I was patient and eventually did very well for myself. You can accelerate the learning process by joining a team like Spotlight Realty, but even if you do, patience will be necessary. 
If you have questions about today’s topic or would like to know more about my team, please call or email me. I’d love to speak with you! 

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