6 Steps to Being Unforgettable: The Agent's Guide to Client Retention



In the bustling world of real estate, making a lasting impression on your clients is more than just a goal—it's a necessity. Bill Stevenson from Spotlight Realty knows this all too well and has been mastering the art of unforgettable service in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Through a meticulously crafted Keep in Touch Kit, Bill and his team have paved the way for unparalleled client retention. So, how can you replicate this success and ensure your name is the first that comes to mind for real estate needs? Let's break down the strategy, step by step.

1. Video Newsletters: The Modern Touch

In an era where digital presence is king, video newsletters offer a personal and engaging way to stay in touch with your client base. Spotlight Realty leverages a simple yet effective approach by collaborating with a company called Viral to edit and distribute their video content. This isn't just any content—it's a treasure trove of market insights, home selling and buying tips, all designed to keep clients informed and engaged. Remember, the key is consistency and quality, not just quantity.

2. Print Magazines: A Tangible Reminder

Imagine your face, not just on a business card, but on a magazine sent directly to your clients' homes. This bimonthly magazine, filled with home decor tips, recipes, and more, serves as a constant reminder of your services. It’s a strategy that merges traditional marketing with personal branding. Everett Stevenson’s approach of selling ad space to offset costs is both ingenious and practical, demonstrating a savvy understanding of marketing dynamics.

3. Personal Calls: The Human Connection

In a world leaning heavily on digital communication, never underestimate the power of a personal call. Spotlight Realty divides their database alphabetically, ensuring every client receives a quarterly check-in call. This approach not only keeps the relationship warm but also reinforces your dedication to their real estate journey. It's a simple gesture that can set you apart in a crowded market.

4. In-Person Events: Building Community

From casino nights to golf outings, hosting in-person events is a brilliant strategy to maintain and strengthen client relationships. These gatherings, especially when tied to charitable causes, showcase your commitment to the community and provide a fun, relaxed setting for reconnecting with past clients. It's not just about the event itself; it's about creating memorable experiences that clients associate with you and your brand.

5. Home Valuation Services: Adding Value

Offering a home valuation service like HomeBot not only keeps clients informed about their most significant asset but also positions you as a go-to resource for real estate insights. With high open rates, these emails remind clients of your expertise and ongoing commitment to their needs, reinforcing why they chose you in the first place.

6. Personal Handwritten Notes: The Personal Touch

In an age of digital overload, a personal handwritten note can make a world of difference. Celebrating milestones like a house-iversary with a note and a small gift personalizes the client experience, making it memorable. This thoughtful gesture ensures that your clients remember the role you played in one of their life's key moments.

Overkill or Overcare?

Spotlight Realty's approach might seem like overkill with 51 touches a year, but in a market flooded with options, this is what it takes to stand out. Not every attempt to connect will be successful, but diversifying your methods ensures that your message reaches your clients in one form or another. This relentless pursuit of excellence in client service is what can transform a one-time transaction into a lifelong relationship.

Becoming an unforgettable agent requires a blend of traditional and modern strategies, personal touches, and consistent, value-added communication. It’s about showing your clients that you’re not just there for the transaction but for every step of their real estate journey. By adopting these strategies, you're not just closing a gap; you're building a bridge to lasting success and client loyalty.

Want to dive deeper into how you can implement these strategies in your real estate practice? Feel free to reach out to Bill Stevenson at Spotlight Realty. His wealth of knowledge and willingness to share insights is a testament to the power of community over competition in the real estate world.

Remember, in real estate, being forgotten is the greatest risk. Take the steps today to ensure that your clients always have you top of mind, for this year and many years to come.

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