4 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Home for Your Family

Life is constantly changing, and so people’s needs evolve. A relocation may be necessary due to lifestyle changes, a growing family, new employment, or simply a desire for more luxury. Often these changes find us looking for new homes for our families and it’s important to know how to make the best decisions. Regardless of why you're looking for Raleigh homes for sale, many factors go into that search.

Before you begin, consider the future and the ages of your children. Do you need to factor in schools and parks? If you plan to retire soon, you may want a luxury high-rise filled with amenities and privacy. Or perhaps you’re a frequent traveler and simply need a smaller home.

While the reason for buying a home varies, there are several factors everyone should consider. Read on to learn what to look for when buying a house that's right for your family.

The location

The location of your desired Raleigh real estate is vital to your home search. This factor does not simply mean the city you choose, but the neighborhood, proximity to retail shopping and restaurants, schools, parks, and other essential areas. Those with children, for example, will want to consider if there are parks nearby, other children in the neighborhood, and proximity to family-friendly options.

If you don't have children, consider finding something close to downtown with plenty of nightlife to enjoy. Sift through the Raleigh neighborhoods, search online, look through neighborhood apps, or drive around and explore the area during the day and evening. Consider walking through a neighborhood and chatting with current homeowners to get their opinions. Having a great neighborhood will give you what your family needs and help with resale value.

In addition to your personal preferences, consider the area's economic health. Are there plenty of amenities close by? Look for hospitals, high-end shopping, dining, parks, churches, and more. Also, consider commute times for your job when choosing a location. A home purchase is a significant investment; the last thing you'll want is a long commute.

The size of the home

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When purchasing a home for your family, consider the size best for you and your needs carefully. Whether you have children or plan to in the future, you'll want to ensure plenty of space. Considering the size and layout with the future in mind will prevent you from having to move sooner.

How many bedrooms do you need? If you have one child now, you might think two is an appropriate answer, but having a guest room or home office that you can easily convert will benefit you more. If you have a large family but work from home on occasion, having a space to use as a dedicated office is a wise choice. The same can be said for bathrooms. Many families prefer having at least two bathrooms, one with a tub for children. It's essential to create a list of things you desire, including the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms you'd like. Often these features can make or break a home purchase, so knowing what you need and won't concede on is wise.

The home’s features

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Are there specific features you prefer to have inside your home? This could mean the expensive heated floors in your bathroom, the herringbone pattern hardwood throughout the living area, or the granite counters in the kitchen. Maybe you collect classic cars and require a five-car garage so you have space to wash and wax on the weekends.

Creating a list of your "must-have" features and “nice-to-have” features is a great way to go into a home search. You might need a large kitchen to fill your family but not a finished basement or an additional bathroom but not an office. Doing this will allow you and your realtor to sift through Raleigh homes for sale faster. Work with your family to create your lists.

The local schools

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This one is essential if you have children, even if they aren't yet school-aged. As parents, having an excellent educational system will be a high priority. If you plan to stay in your dream home for a long time, you'll want to consider this even if your children aren't in school. Additionally, this can help maximize profit gains later when you sell. Because most parents will look for a quality school district, the likelihood of an easy reselling in the future will be greater.

While it's no guarantee that a home's value will appreciate, paying careful attention to these factors can make all the difference in selling for a profit later. If you’re ready to begin your search, contact the Spotlight Realty team of experienced professionals.

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